President Obama: Withdraw the nomination of anti-choice, Confederate emblem-enthusiast Michael Boggs to the federal courts.

Stand with RH Reality Check and
other signers to tell the Obama administration that federal court plaintiffs deserve better than Michael Boggs.

Background: As you have probably heard, the recent wave of Texas clinic closures has left many residents of Texas' Rio Grande Valley without an abortion provider for hundreds of miles. A lifetime appointee to the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Justice Edith Jones, argued that the law that everyone knew would cause these shutdowns was not necessarily a burden because the route to the nearest open clinic was a “peculiarly flat and not congested highway.” [1]

Justice Jones was nominated to the federal bench by President Reagan in 1985 and for nearly three decades now, her apparent lack of respect for reproductive health care access and stated beliefs that African-Americans and Hispanics are "predisposed to crime," [2] have affected both national legal precedent and the individual rights of plaintiffs.

This year, President Obama made a deal with Georgia's Senators to appoint Michael Boggs -- a repeated sponsor of anti-choice bills in the Georgia state House of Representatives, an opponent of marriage equality, and a supporter of keeping the Confederate emblem on the state flag [3] -- to a lifetime seat in the Northern District of Georgia. If he gets a case that could shut down abortion services in Georgia, how do you suppose he'll rule?

From that seat, Boggs will often have the decisive and final word about the constitutional rights of everyone who comes before him. He may have that power for many decades to come and will be in position to be appointed to higher judicial office by future presidents. Join us in asking President Obama to withdraw this appointment if you think the citizens of Georgia, and everyone who relies on the courts to set fair legal precedents, deserve better.

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[2] - "Conservative judge Edith Jones up for rare review," by Stephanie Condon, CBS News, June 13, 2013.

[3] - "Voting yes on Boggs is bad for women," by Ilyse Hogue, MSNBC, March 9, 2014.