Tell Congress: For-profit corporations are out of control. Roll back corporate personhood and demand corporate accountability.

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other signers to tell Congress to halt the march to treat corporate legal fictions like people and restore controls that bring for-profit corporations into line with the public interest and federal law.

Background: In recent years, the Supreme Court has increasingly ruled that corporations like Hobby Lobby are people entitled to constitutional rights like free speech and exercise of religion. While expanding the rights of corporations, the Court has diminished those of individuals, stripping away workplace protections and access to reproductive health care from honest-to-goodness, already born and breathing human beings.

Corporations are “legal fictions” that were first created to serve the public interest. [1] Now the highest court in the land has added another chapter to this fiction, by granting these legal imaginary friends a special exemption from federal law in order to decide what reproductive health care their employees get. This has gone too far.

When a for-profit corporation has the right to enact religious law as part of official company policy, it’s being allowed to privilege the religious beliefs of the owners over the religious beliefs of employees. Get injured in some way by a corporation’s products and management takes refuge behind the corporate veil, claiming that responsibility lies solely with of their imaginary friend, the corporation. Yet they want to erase that separation in order to force compliance with the religious laws they favor; even when employees are off the clock and in their doctors' offices using the health care services they earned fair and square along with their paychecks.

It's time for Congress to set this right. Corporations are legal fictions; many of whose owners have used their limited liability to avoid taxes and amass a wealth of unaccountable privileges over the people who are their employees, customers, and neighbors. This march to turn them into 'super citizens' with more rights but fewer responsibilities every year has created a monster. This year, that monster turned on reproductive health care. Where does it stop?

Tell Congress: Halt the march to treat corporate legal fictions like people. Restore controls that bring for-profit corporations into line with the public interest.

[1] - "Getting the History Right: Tracking the real history of corporate rights in American constitutional thought." by Naomi Lamoreaux and William Novak, Slate, March 24, 2014.