TLC: It's time to cancel the Duggars' show, "19 Kids and Counting," and stop rewarding misuse of the history of the Holocaust.

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Background: Jim Bob Duggar, a millionaire and reality TV star of TLC's series, “19 Kids and Counting,” compared modern day America to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany at the conservative Value Voters Summit. Using the story of a father and daughter's visit to a Holocaust memorial site to explain to his audience why it was so important for social conservatives to run for office like he had done, he said this:

Duggar: “As they were walking out of that concentration camp, he said little Sarah -- at the time, she was 7-years-old or so -- looked up at him and she said, ‘Daddy why didn’t somebody do something?’ You know what, that’s where we are at in our nation. You know, do we want our children, when we’re going to tell them about how great America was, they’re going to look at you and say, ‘Why didn’t somebody do something?’” [1]

Holocaust comparisons have become so common among conservative extremists that he was only one of several Value Voters Summit speakers to compare Nazi Germany to the modern United States and this is both unacceptable and insidious. Unacceptable, because there is no way in which losing a democratic election is akin to genocide. Unacceptable because there is no way in which tolerating a health care policy you don't like is comparable to having soldiers rip families from their homes and send them to camps where slave-labor, starvation, and gas chambers were the norm. And it's insidious, because oceans of pain and suffering can be dismissed if the injustice that caused them has to be 'like the Holocaust' before it's worth fighting.

We say, no more Holocaust analogies. It's disrespectful and offensive for conservative extremists to keep using the Holocaust as a cheap insult for everything they don't like about the modern world, and we insist that their movement's public figures be held to a more responsible standard of public discourse.

[1] - "Jim Bob Duggar Compares US to Nazi Germany During The Holocaust" by Brian Tashman, October 12, 2013.